My faith in God is the foundation of my life. Every move I make, whether professionally or personally, starts with Him.  This is how I have the capacity to walk through life loving all people, no matter their personal walk in life.

My babies are my heartbeat. I am honored to be a bonus-mom to our oldest, and have 2 little ones running around with another due Fall 2022! Being a #mama has changed me forever! #MamaJade 

My husband Mark and I have been together since 2016 and married in June 2020. We recently launched our show, The Godbolt Life Podcast and The Godbolt Life platform to share how we do #life. Search #TheGodbolts for more content from us! 

A Little About Me:

Once Upon A Time...

I was known as 

As a broke college student in 2010, I was obsessed with finding who I was through my hair. I grew up relaxing my curls, but not by choice - by force from societal norms and beauty expectations that I naively tried to live up to but never really could. I discovered the Natural Hair community on Youtube and felt called. I began creating videos about my hair, sharing my journey, and soon my Youtube Channel progressed into an entire career

Creating beauty tutorials had become my JAM over the years, and I can't lie - I was pretty good at it. Yet, somewhere along the way as I was showing up in a Colgate commercial and huge brand partnerships - I got lost in trying to stay the same. As I approached the end of my 20's, and became a mother, wife, and creative entrepuneaur, I felt called again. This time, it was to embrace change. I wasn't the 20-something year old girl searching for belonging and acceptance through my outer appearance any longer. I had found Jade. Yet, she didn't fit the "LipsticknCurls" persona anymore - so it was time to pivot. 

Now, I go by my name - Jade Godbolt. A Jesus-lover, wifey to Mark Godbolt, and Mama to these chil'ren. My content still embraces my love for beauty, but now I am showcasing #womanhood in a whole new way. I am so grateful and blessed to have had the journey that was #LipsticknCurls and am excited to bring you all along the continued story of Jade Godbolt.


A Decade Goes By...

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